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Scrubber Adaptery pro lahve, PTFE

Scrubber Adapter for Bottles, PTFE, Thread GL45 , Tube length 300 mm
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Scrubber Adapter for Bottles, PTFE
Consisting of PTFE body with connecting nut and two lateral GL18 threaded necks, a 300mm long FEP inlet tube and a gas distributor with frit. Easy in- and outlet of gas by means of rigid-walled tubing (e.g. PTFE) which can be connected to the threaded necks using Bola Laboratory Screw Joints. Elastic tubing can be connected by means of hose connectors. Inlet tube can be individually shortened. Special feature: the body of the adapter can be turned independently from the connecting nut. This means, that the completely assembled adaptor can be removed and fixed onto another bottle without the risk of disarranging the tubing. Suitable for bottles with GL45 or GLS80 threads and capacities between 100ml and 5000ml.

Thread GL45
Tube length 300 mm

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Kód produktu
Kód produktu
Thread GL45 , Tube length 300 mm
na dotaz
Cena bez DPH
2 496 Kč
Thread GLS 80 , Tube length 300 mm
na dotaz
2 993 Kč

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