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spojovací systémy DG bezpečnostní víčka

Connection systems DG Safety Caps, Description DG Safety Cap III (3 ports)
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Connection systems DG Safety Caps
DG safety caps are flexible connection systems which have been designed specially for handling aggressive, gas-forming liquids. All parts coming into contact with media are from PTFE.
Available with 1, 2 or 3 connection ports with optional stopcocks, DG safety caps are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and chemical applications.
-No dangerous gas emissions
-No slipped tubes
-No substance loss due to evaporation
-Clean working environment
The safety caps come complete with v-ring seal (inside diameter 3.2 mm), connection screws, ventilation valve and membrane filter and are ready for immediate use.
V-ring seals are optionally available for 2 additional tube sizes (1.6 and 2.3 mm external diameter) to suit your application.

DG safety waste caps are ideal for safely collecting and storing liquid laboratory waste. With a choice of different connections and activated carbon filters, they increase safety for laboratory technicians.
-Drip-free collection of used or contaminated media.
-Charcoal filters prevent harmful gas emissions
-Additional connections available for charcoal filter housings and vent tubing.

Description DG Safety Cap III (3 ports)

Varianty produktu

Kód produktu
Kód produktu
Description DG Safety Cap III (3 ports)
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Cena bez DPH
4 211 Kč
Description DG Safety Cap I (1 port), with stopcock
na dotaz
5 224 Kč
Description DG Safety Cap II (2 ports), with stopcocks
na dotaz
5 864 Kč
Description DG Safety Cap III (3 ports), with stopcocks
na dotaz
6 662 Kč
Description DG Safety Cap for NS 29/32
na dotaz
3 999 Kč
Description DG Safety Waste GL 45 for leak hose
na dotaz
3 199 Kč

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