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Pendulum kádinky pro TeleScoop, PP

Pendulum beaker for TeleScoop, PP, Capacity 600 ml, Material PP
Zařazeno v kategoriích Odběr kapalných vzorků


Pendulum beaker for TeleScoop, PP
TeleScoop is a versatile sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications. The tools (angular beaker, pendulum beaker, bottle holder, stainless steel beaker and dip net e.g. for taking solid and organic samples from water courses) are attached to the rod by a practical snap-in joint. Ideal for sampling from baths, tanks, shafts, open water courses etc. Sampling depths down to 6M can be reached with the adjustable telescopic aluminum rod.
Automatically swings into a vertical position. Nothing can be spilt. Ideal for deep and narrow shafts.

Capacity 600 ml
Material PP

Varianty produktu

Kód produktu
Kód produktu
Capacity 600 ml, Material PP
skladem 6 kusů Za 5 pracovních dní u vás
Cena bez DPH
1 062 Kč
Capacity 1000 ml, Material PP
skladem 2 kusy Za 5 pracovních dní u vás
1 114 Kč
Capacity 2000 ml, Material PP
skladem 3 kusy Za 5 pracovních dní u vás
1 274 Kč
Capacity 1000 ml, Material V2A
na dotaz
4 115 Kč

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