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Electro-diamond pen

Electro-diamond pen, Type Electro-diamond pen
Zařazeno v kategoriích Laboratorní sklářské nástroje


Electro-diamond pen
For writing on specimen slides and for marking, labelling or engraving metal or plastic. The motor automatically switches on once the hand is in the writing position and switches off once the pen is horizontal again. The writing nib rotates rapidly allowing effortless engraving. The nib can be exchanged easily without the need for tools. The engraving is deep so that it will last indefinitely. Weight approx. 100g, finger grip approx. 15mm. Includes nib type A for glass, 1.5mm diameter. Other nib types are available as accessories.

Type Electro-diamond pen

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Kód produktu
Type Electro-diamond pen
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